Friday, July 29, 2011

How to get DVD playback on the wii (DVDx Tutorial)

Ok so if you didnt read my first article on Softmoding the wii your gonna need to look at it first.
CLICK HERE to view how to softmod your wii if 4.3E or under.

Fist off your gonna need two Apps your gonna use in the homebrew channel

  • mplayer
  • dvdx
  • An SD card formated to a Fat32 with apps folder on it
  1. first your gonna need to download both of those apps and drag the entire folder into the "apps directory of your sd card
  2. youll need to then pop in the sd card,boot up the wii to the homebrew channel,then Run the dvdx app.Complete the basic instalation.
  3. Now all you have to do is go into the homebrew channel and open the app Mplayer,once you do that select "DVD video"on Mplayer's Menu.
  4. Play the Dvd ;)
if you have any questions,leave a comment
- Adam

NASA's Birthday


Today is NASA's Birthday!Cool little fact:in 1958 on this day the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Was Created, Abbreviated (NASA).Alot has changed in their technology and research,and sadly no more shuttle missions.

Softmod Wii 4.3/4.3u/4.3e

The wii has been softmoded many times.The original softmods worked on version under 4.0.Now there has been a new foundation Called smashstack which will let you open up Boot.mii using Super smash Brothers Brawl.Now,Boot.mii,is a menu that can be controlled by either the default buttons on the front of the wii(eject,reset,power)or you could plug in a gamecube controller and use the D-pad for control.The menu has 4 difrent options,GO to the wii's dashboard,Load up the homebrew channel,view files on the SD card,or Settings.


Things you will need for a softmod on Wii's with firmware 4.3/4.3u/4.3e/:
  • Any SD card that is not an HDSD will work,i recomend 1gb minimum to back up your entire wii incase you were to screw up,but any size will work.
  • A SD card reader
  • Super Smash Brothers Brawl Disc
  • Smashstack
Now I have a file with everything you need and four .wad files are included with it.Download Free here :

First Check your wii's firmware.go to Wii system menu menu,on the top right corner it should say 4.3/4.3u/4.3e/you will see .
  1. Step 1,Do a long format on the SD card,format it to a FAT32 File sharing system.
  2. Step 2,after that is done copy over the files that were in the folder labeled "SD Card"in the download,onto the newly Formatted card
  3. step 3,Eject the SD card and Insert SSBB Disc into the wii
  4. Step 4,MAKE SURE THE SD CARD IS NOT INSERTED!GO to Stage editor and Delete EVERYTHING,i know sucks but is worth it.
  5. Step 5,Now Go back to the Start Menu on SSBB and insert your SD card.
  6. Step 6,GO into the stage Editor and Then then Boot.elf will load up.
  7. Step 7,Install the Homebrew Channel First.There should be an option to install Boot.mii as OS/2,Install Boot.mii as OS/2.
  8. Step 8,if "install Boot.mii as OS/2" is not available for some reason ,install Boot.mii
  9. Step 9,Press B on the wii - mote and Select Exit
  10. Step 10,Boot.mii should load up.Plug in your gamecube Controller and use the D-Pad to select Homebrew channel.IF you don't have a Gamecube controller Use the power button to move over to Homebrew channel,than press reset to enter.
  11. Step 11, on the a HBC select Pimp My wii
  12. Step 12,in Pimp my wii selectthe first option,it should find all IOS's missing or something like that if you are conected to the internet select online install
  13. Step 13.After you have everything installed (ios's/222/223/249/15) Go to Pimp my wii again
  14. Step 14,Select Install Wads in PMW.
  15. Step 15,Now go to the Wad folder and select any of the wads i have on their,or you can easily download .Wad files and copy them to that folder,Install Wad files with IOS 15/236/249/
  16. Step 16,exit out of everything,Hold down the power button on the wii for 7 seconds till the led turns red then take out the SD card,turn the wii back on and the .Wad files Will be installed as channels on the Systems Menu*(*NOTE YOU CAN NOT TRANSFER THE CHANNELS OVER TO ANOTHER SD CARD AS THEY ARE INSTALLED ON THE HDD OF THE WII,you can however remove the channels by opening the homebrew channel and putting the SD card back in,and selecting "any title deleter" you can use that to delete the .wad files you have installed.
ok so thats all you need to do to get free Virtual Console games and Wii ware games on your wii.

- Adam