Monday, August 1, 2011

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How to Load Custom or Modded Gamesaves to Your XBOX 360

Hey everyone, today we are going to cover how to mod certain Xbox 360 games through gamesaves.

You are going to need to download a few programs to do this:

I am fairly sure you have to create an account with both programs to use them, but they are still free.

Hardware you will need:

XBOX 360 to Computer transfer cable OR Flash Drive (any size, gamesaves are generally small files)

XBOX 360, HDD size doesn’t matter

This tutorial will be done from the standpoint of using a flash drive.
With Modio, you will be able to search for and (hopefully) find a gamesave for the game you want. Gamesaves come in all shapes and sizes. Some are modded saves and some are actually normal legitimate saved games. For example, a legit save file would be a save in Mass Effect 2 at the last level on hard, so you don’t have to play the whole game to get that pesky achievement. A modded save would be something like GTA:IV infinite rockets/health or Call of Duty zombies with infinite health/ammo/high jump.

Horizon is a tool that will allow you to edit your gamertag and add gamesaves and gamer pictures to your LIVE profile that aren’t actually yours. If you but the diamond version (which you don’t need for this tutorial) you can add credits to your Halo: Reach account. I wouldn’t advise this, as Bungie/343 Industries tracks credit intake very closely.

So heres what you do:
Get your flash drive and put it in your XBOX. Go to memory options on the dashboard and select to format it. After you do this, you will not be able to use the flash drive for anything except XBOX files, unless you format it again from your computer. Take your LIVE profile from your XBOX HDD and transfer it to your new flash drive-memory card.
Put flash drive in your computer and open up Horizon. Load the LIVE profile on the right sidebar. Open it up, and select “Rehash and Resign” or something similar to that.
3.       Open up Modio and select “Download a Gamesave”.  Search around for a game file that you want, and download it to your desktop.
Back in Horizon, select Inject New File and find the gamesave on your desktop. Rehash and resign it, then inject it into your LIVE profile. Then reshash and resign your profile once more.
Put the flash drive back in your XBOX, transfer that sucker to the HDD (and the gamesave of course!) and have a blast!